July 24, 2024


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What Are The Advantages of Private Jet Charter Travel?

Chartering a private jet can be a great choice for busy corporate executives and business owners looking to maximize their time spent while traveling, and for individuals looking for the most convenient and luxurious way to fly. When flying for business or pleasure, when you add up multiple first class tickets on a major airline, and the lost time and potential hassles and headaches of commercial airports, private jet charter can often be the most efficient way to travel.

One common objection to private jet travel by some companies is the perceived higher costs associated with these types of flights. However when you compare the many unproductive hours spent travelling commercially versus those spent via jet charter, a clearer picture can emerge. Chartering a jet allows executives to accomplish even the most demanding business itinerary, with the least amount of wasted time. Business meetings can be held en route to a destination, and trips that would normally require an overnight stay can be done in one day. Thus the basic question becomes: What is the value of the time that senior executives and business owners spend travelling truly worth? In many cases, private jet charter sells itself during this analysis.

In contrast to business aviation consumers there are of course those flying for pleasure. In these cases, your vacation starts the minute you board the private jet – not when you get to your destination. When you fly jet charter you can travel anywhere, anytime, with unparalleled service and convenience. Your schedule is the only one that matters. You can travel with who you want, and have luxury concierge services such as in-flight catering or having ground transportation waiting for you just outside the aircraft when you arrive.

When you fly jet charter, you’re not restricted to major airports as you would be on a commercial flight. You decide which airport you want to depart from out of a list of thousands, and where you’d like to arrive. You’re also free to choose your departure times, since the plane runs on your schedule… and not the other way around.

Your travel could not be more convenient and hassle-free as well, allowing you to bypass the crowded security lines of commercial airports. Simply show up at the departure airport at the predetermined time. Since you don’t have to show up early or check your baggage, you can just walk straight up to the jet. The plane is only flying you and your guests, so there is no need to wait in any lines.

Once you know your preferred flight details, the next step in the process is to contact a jet charter broker. Brokers work to match up charter consumers with aircraft operators. They typically have access to networks of operators and other individual aircraft owners to provide their clients with a large number of planes to choose from, starting with the largest and most luxurious Heavy Jets, versatile Mid Sized Jets, and the smaller and more economical Light and Very Light Jets (VLJ). The better your broker, the more options you will have available to you, and your pricing will be better as well. Your choice in aircraft should be based on the size of your party, the distances you will be flying, other specific needs such as cargo capacities or in-flight catering capabilities, and of course on your budget.

You should also be aware that the absolute rock bottom bidder isn’t always the best choice. Many cut-rate brokers and operators take liberties when your safety is concerned, and some of their flights are even flown illegally. You should only work with companies that put your safety first, and who will only use aircraft and flight crews that meet the industry’s highest standards. Every one of their flights should be fully PART 135 compliant, though many in the industry do not follow the law in this respect. You should also insist that every one of their aircraft is audited by ARG/US or Wyvern, third party auditors who represent the highest standards of safety and maintenance in aviation.