July 14, 2024


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The Rwenzori Mountain – Uganda

In the western region of Uganda lies an extra ordinarily amazing historical geographical feature and that is none other than the Rwenzori Mountain. A block mountain that separates Uganda from the Democratic Republic of Congo “commonly known as Congo” on the western wing and has lived since time in memmorial, before the explorers, and it is one of the enormus Ugand’s nature gits that define the country’s beauty and its accolade as the “pearl of Africa.”

When the early explorers were told of the mountain with snow at the top, they put it down to neaten nonsense but history has absorbed them! Thousands of mountain climbers have made their way to the Margherita peak where it is always snow as in the polar regions if the world. Making one’s way to the top is a feat in itself, going through a breath taking hazardous terrain of numerous eco systems which goes through the dense Montane forest to the snow covered peaks. Along the trail, one will see unique vegetations, glacier river premeds and wonder features. It is gorgeous! It is like a summary of the earth here and this is what has attracted famous people to the Rwenzori, one of them, the Italian duke of Abruzzi took photographs in 1906 and wrote a book that was to make the Rwenzoris world famous.

But the Rwenzoris did not have to be announced to be famous because it is the 3rd tallest mountain in Africa! At its foot hills is a vast expense of natural rain forests complete with chimpanzees, monkeys and baboons. There are also many varieties of birds, it is a good destination for bird watching, chimpanzee tracking, and community walks.