June 17, 2024


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The exciting Muay Thai travelling itinerary

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It does not matter where you choose to go in Thailand you will find a Muay Thai training camp where you can engage in some serious Muay Thai training. Everyone with in the world of martial arts now that Muay Thai continues to be one of the most exhilarating sports anywhere on the planet. It is incredibly popular in Thailand where it has also originated six centuries ago. It has also spread to other places on the planet where thousands of people are enthusiastically engaged in Muay Thai training. This is exactly why Muay Thai holidays and weekends are increasingly popular. Thousands of people come to Thailand annually in order to learn from the well-known Muay Thai masters who are running training centers on the beaches and islands surrounding Thailand and also in the metropolitan areas. Many people come for the fitness and weight loss benefits and many also bring their family along because there is so much to do in Thailand. Because of the popularity of Muay Thai in Thailand there are several well-known arenas where frequent shows can be seen on a regular basis. 

An exciting spectator sport 

Thousands of people go to Muay Thai events every year and people even come from abroad not only to watch the competitors but also to do some training of their own. It does not matter where you choose to go in Thailand, there will certainly be a Muay Thai training camp in the vicinity and this is making it very easy to combine your holiday or weekend with some serious Muay Thai training. It can be extremely exciting to watch superbly trained professionals which are competing at the fighting events. It is also possible for visitors who have reached some level of competence in Muay Thai to partake in one of the fighting matches. There is a long list of local Muay Thai gyms where people are provided with the opportunity to learn the authentic Muay Thai style of fighting. Especially in Phuket there is an increasing number of Muay Thai training camps which is becoming increasingly popular not only among locals but also among visitors. This city also has excellent accommodations which makes it possible to combine your exciting holiday with some equally exciting Muay Thai training. 

Thailanders are extremely serious about Muay Thai 

From the King to the humble street sweeper people are passionate about Muay Thai. This exciting form of martial arts are for this people a way of life and it is seamlessly integrated into the traditions and cultures of this amazing country. This is something which is quickly realized by people who come to Thailand and who visit one of the training camps such as Suwit Muay Thai where serious training is taking place. There are also increasing numbers of foreign fighters most of whom are from Western countries all of which are eager to take part in the action. Many of these visitors are just as serious and passionate about Muay Thai as any of the local fighters. All of this can only really be understood when one had the privilege of experiencing Muay Thai in its country of origin.