July 14, 2024


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Tanzania Safaris – How to Make the Best of It

Adventure and Africa are synonymous. Africa’s vast reserve of flora and fauna are some of the world’s most scenic sights. An African Safari is an unforgettable travel experience and has something deep to it that is intrinsic to the mysterious continent of Africa. The continent arguably features on any safari-lover’s list with Tanzania topping the list. The wildlife, the landscapes and its people makes Tanzania safaris an intriguing and exciting trip. It may also be mentioned that Tanzania is the largest country in Eastern Africa.

Tanzania Safaris – An exotic and mysterious safari destination

The elevating culture and wildlife experience in Tanzania makes Tanzania safaris score over many of the adventure spots not only in Africa, but over the world. The Selous Park in the south of Tanzania has the highest concentrations of animal. The park is huge, lodges are few and the tourist density is very low as against the high animal density, making for an ideal Tanzania safari. The Serengeti National Park is another popular animal reserve of Tanzania.

Walk your way to the scenic Udzungwa Mountain National park

The Udzungwa Mountain National park is a park without roads. Hence, a safarian is expected to leave the comfort of his/her vehicle and walk; mainly in mountain rain forest. This park was created for the protection of plants rather than animals and is unique in the Tanzania safari circuit. It is better to visit this park in the dry season as paths are slippery and rivers impassable in the wet season.

Tanzania: A picturesque tourist destination

While on Tanzania Safaris, one can enjoy seeing the herds of wildebeest and zebra trekking across the plains on their annual migration. Other animals like leopard, lions, elephants, cheetah and hyena are also a great draw for the animal-loving safarians. The Mahale Mountains National Parks and Gombe Stream are home to chimpanzees now hardly seen in the wild.

Tanzania Sport Activities

Tanzania offers some of the best adventure sports, including balloon safaris, water-sports, camel safaris, caving, diving, deep sea fishing and mountain climbing. Needless to say, it is a major draw amongst the adventure freaks. So make your holidays in Africa a great experience by opting for Tanzania safaris along with sport activities.

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