July 24, 2024


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Suwit Muay Thai camp for boxing in Thailand is new popularity holidays

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The national sport of Thailand has always been Thai boxing but for many people Thai boxing has become a way of life. Unfortunately much of the historic record has been lost but there is little doubt that Thai boxing has its origins in a fight form known as Muay Boran which has been around for more than 2000 years. Over the years the way in which Thai boxing is perceived had changed considerably. There are approximately 200 Thai boxing training camps in Thailand today and increasing numbers of people are spending their holidays in Thailand and especially island and beach training camps which can be visited over weekends has become very popular. For many people the combat benefits of Muay Thai are mostly a secondary consideration because they are more interested in the weight loss and fitness benefits of this form of martial arts. 

A new stadium 

The new Lumpinee Boxing Stadium has now been completed and it is expected that it will attract both local and foreign fighters. There are also expectation that the stadium will become a cultural attraction in Bangkok and that there will be a resurgence of the glory and prestige which was once associated with Muay Thai. There are several reasons why a holiday in Thailand is an attractive proposition. Foreign fighters have the opportunity to train with traditional Muay Thai champions and to simultaneously experience the traditions and culture of Thailand. It is also an irrefutable fact that Thailand has been blessed with extraordinary natural beauty. There are hundreds of popular beaches all around the coastline of Thailand which continues to attract millions of locals and visitors annually. Health enthusiasts and those who want to live a healthy lifestyle frequently become involved in Muay Thai because of the weight loss and fitness benefits. 

A growing tourism industry 

The natural beauty of Thailand was always more than enough, to ensure that large numbers of visitors come to this beautiful country. Likewise it cannot be disputed that Muay Thai has become an additional reason for people to come to Thailand. Especially the island and beach training camps such as Suwit Muay Thai camp have made it easier to combine a holiday with some quality Muay Thai training camp. Increasing numbers of people is now coming to Thailand for a weekend or a short holiday with the primary purpose of engaging in high quality Muay Thai training. Furthermore the unique weight loss and fitness benefits of Muay Thai boxing training is without a doubt a strong motivation for many people especially those who have been struggling with obesity for many years. Muay Thai training camp provides people with a natural solution to lose that extra weight relatively quickly. The advantage of Muay Thai training at Muaythai-thailand.com is that it is mostly done in a group environment where people are constantly motivated and inspired by people in that training group. This makes it easier to persist until the desired objective has been achieved. At first Muay Thai boxing training may be a little overwhelming but over time it becomes easier.