June 24, 2024


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Summer travel 2022: Airfare booking prices are up about 40%, but cruise prices are down

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — You’ll be excited to hear Caribbean destinations are slashing prices, and so are cruise lines. But getting there by plane could cost you, and the reason goes beyond jet fuel prices.

“I thought we were going to the dentist!” said 9-year-old Emily.

After a major surprise this morning, Emily and her family are headed to Disney. The secret has been under wraps for months.

“I think that we got lucky. We were watching the prices and now they are going up,” said mom, Rachel Biles of Jenkintown.

Current airfare booking prices are up about 40%, according to Hopper.com.

“Typically, a flight to Nashville is only $200. It was like $400,” said Bianca Evans of Oreland.

There are a few factors at play: a spike in crude oil prices, which are just starting to level out, and a dip in the number of flights.

“Airlines have had employee shortages, like other industries and pilot shortages,” said AAA spokesperson Jana Tidwell.

For international travel, consider a cruise or head for the Caribbean.

“There’s a lot of new ships out on the market, and there’s space to be had,” Georgiann Jaworskyj from Custom Travel Services.

She’s seen a 20% drop in cruise prices, and Caribbean island resorts are enticing customers with low rates.

“These are areas that are doing what they can to rebuild tourism on the islands,” said Jaworskyj.

Jersey Shore rentals are filling up fast. Try off-season rentals for a good price and wider availability, says Clay Rossiter of Fox Real Estate.

“People have to be a little more creative in the timing that they come. June and September is becoming more popular here,” said Rossiter.

If you have a little flex in both timing and location, you’ll be able to take advantage of the deals.

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