Hotels are hoping we get back to traveling this year. However, things might be a little different the next time you check in, but I think you’ll be ok with all of these! According to Fox News, here are six hotel trends that experts expect to see in 2021:

1. Rooms that can double as your office- With so many of us working from home, they expect a lot of us to save vacation days and work from our hotel room on trips. So, things like desks and fast Wi-Fi will be even more important.

2. Extended stays- Instead of small trips, a lot of us will take one big trip and make the most of it. So, hotels might have better deals for people who want to stay a week or two.

3. Touchless technology- Like checking in online instead of going to the front desk. Plus, a lot of hotels are adding mobile keys where an app on your phone gets you into your room.

4. More flexibility to cancel- Marriott just extended their 24-hour cancelation policy through March. So, expect other hotel chains to follow suit.

5. People want more privacy- A lot of us don’t want to walk through a hotel lobby if we can avoid it, we’d rather just have our own place. So, Airbnb bookings will be big again this year.

6. More outdoor spaces- A lot of hotels are adding more outdoor areas this Winter, so they’ll be ready for spring.