July 23, 2024


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Patrick Mahomes’ mum was not pleased with hit that hurt QB: ‘Trash football’

There is certainly very little like a mother’s love — or a mother’s scorn.

Randi Mahomes, mom of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, was like all viewers seeing the QB having difficulties to get to his toes on Sunday afternoon: concerned, worried and a very little indignant by Mahomes’ departure from the area.

But momma Mahomes took it a phase even further and took to Twitter to query the strike that sidelined her son — and berate the player who created it in the same 240 characters:

“#51 Wilson that’s some trash football top with helmet, pulling his head and pushing helmet.. why are you not thrown out!?? Come on NFL,” the tweet reads.

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Mahomes took a hit from linebacker Mack Wilson that left him woozy and wobbly as he tried using to get to his toes, ultimately needing support from KC health care employees to get off the field. Mahomes would enter concussion protocol and his position for this Sunday’s matchup vs. the Costs is uncertain.

There was no flag on the enjoy, as it was unclear what rule, if any, Wilson violated on the hit. Gradual motion replays revealed that Wilson’s helmet manufactured call with Mahomes’ shoulder pads. Most viewers chalked up the incident to just taking part in football.

Mahomes didn’t harbor any sick will toward Wilson, who attained out to apologize just after the game:

The Chiefs would go on to win on Sunday with heroics from backup QB Chad Henne, who helped punch Kansas City’s ticket to the AFC Championship video game.