July 25, 2024


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Important Camping Necessities You Can Easily Forget

The outdoors, nature hikes, fire pits, and sleeping under the stars. These are all the benefits of going camping. Deciding to go camping as your holiday requires you to have some equipment. You can look through Wow Camping reviews to see some of the equipment.

Whether the campsite is close by or you need to book airplane tickets to get there, the experience will remain – you and nature. Making sure you have everything you need can mean the difference between an enjoyable holiday and an unpleasant one.

Items That Must Be Packed

Packing for a camping trip can seem daunting because there are so many things to remember. Making a checklist is a good idea to ensure that you have included everything. Here are a few smaller items that might slip your mind.

  • Wet wipes

Wet wipes are perfect for wiping sticky hands and faces after a meal or cleaning the dust away after a hike. A wet wipe bath is not unheard of. In addition, having a wet wipe wipe-down in the middle of a hot day can be quite refreshing.

  • Batteries

Torches and camping lights are usually one of the first items on the checklist. However, remembering to pack enough batteries to keep them going could be forgotten. Making sure you have enough batteries for all your battery-operated items will ensure you can use them throughout your trip without worry.

  • Ice or Ice packs

Making sure your food stays cold will be important, and having enough ice or ice packs will help make this a reality. Remember that ice can be replaced throughout the trip. 

  • Sun Screen

No matter the weather, you will want to wear sunscreen daily to prevent sunburn. With sunburn, you run the risk of being dehydrated and getting sunstroke. Having your sunscreen handy, you are protecting your skin and your health.

  • Insect Repellant 

Nothing can be worse than being inundated by insects like flies or mosquitoes. Unfortunately, as camping is nature-based, you are in their habitat, which is a common occurrence. Having some insect repellant with you will help manage this inconvenience.

  • Pot Holder

Cooking over an open fire is exciting and delicious. However, it can also be dangerous; it is quite important to ensure you have packed the pot holder to protect your hand when you pick it up.

  • Power Bank

It is a good idea to pack a power bank to keep your phone charged in case of an emergency and to take some beautiful photos. In addition, these power banks could charge camping lights that do not use batteries.

  • First Aid Kit

No one knows what might happen in the great outdoors. However, a well-stocked first aid kit will ensure you are ready to treat injuries and mild unwellness.

  • Lighter or Matches

Whilst packing wood, fire lighters, etc., is easy to remember, the small lighter or box of matches to get the fire started can slip your mind. Making sure that this is packed will ensure you can start a fire when needed.

  • Raincoat

You will usually go camping when the weather is clear and pleasant. However, you never know what mother nature has in store. Having a raincoat packed will help you stay dry for those unexpected showers.

Packing Up

An extensive checklist of items can be the difference between the camping trip of your dreams and wanting to run home. If you camp often, make a standard checklist and keep it for each trip.