Travel is expensive. Flights to international destinations can cost above $2,000 return and when you factor in the cost of hotels, meals, and attractions, an international vacation can set you back $5,000 for a few days away. There are alternative means of traveling and saving money you can rather use on other things while on vacation.

Search for cheap travel agencies and flights and you’ll return a long list of companies advertising that they’re the best and cheapest. One of those names you click on to read more and investigate their services. Reading Dollar Flight Club reviews gives you more insight into booking the cheapest possible flights, hotels, and transport in destinations from Alaska, USA to Vietnam in Asia and even Zambia in Africa.

With the world open to you, you can pick just about any country in the world to visit. As we have established, flights are the largest single cost of our vacations. However, that can be changed with a bit of detective work.

#1: Be Flexible

Once you’ve locked in a few destinations that you’d be able to visit, set e-mail alerts on those flights on the airline companies’ flight schedules for discounts and flash sales. Flying during off-season periods will save you hundreds of dollars and using a company like Dollar Flight Club will notify you of cheap flights – but those flights could be tomorrow, next week or end of the month. Be prepared to pack and fly away. The best idea is to select a few potential destinations. Your number one favorite might not have a discounted price that would make it affordable, but your second or third pick might have flights for a 90 percent discount and you can’t skip a deal like that.

#2: Fly With Budget Airlines

You might not be flying with the biggest airline company, but in booking with a budget airline company you will be saving money. They might not be as comfortable or offer meals, but you can take your own with and will smile knowing that you’ll have more cash in your pocket to do more things when you land.

#3: Don’t Fly Direct

Most budget airlines don’t fly direct to their destinations. A direct flight will set you back more than double of the same flight with 1 stop with a budget airline. The connecting flights will be spaced out to make for a layover of 3-5 hours, but it gives you more time to walk and explore the airports and stretch your legs.

Traveling on a budget doesn’t necessarily mean having a “cheap” vacation. Sticking to a budget and remaining disciplined only seeking discounted deals for the big costs – such as flights and hotels – you will be able to stretch your budget to be able to do more activities and do more sightseeing around your destination.

Destinations such as Maldives, Montana, South Africa, The Dominican Republic, Finland, Greece, Argentina, Israel, and Australia rank as some of the best budget-friendly holiday destinations for solo travelers, couples or families.