June 25, 2024


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Hotel pet amenities driving pet parents to book and stay longer, TripsWithPets survey finds | Pets

With summer travel season in full swing, more pet parents are looking to plan getaways that include their furry family members. And we are not just talking about finding a hotel that allows Rover and Roxy. Discriminating pet parents are looking for much more.

Survey says it all

In a recent TripsWithPets’ survey, 800 pet parents were polled and asked about their “habits” when planning a trip with their pets. 42% said they look for chains that not just allow pets but favor those that offer special pet amenities. In addition, 33% indicated that they are more likely to book a longer stay at a hotel that offers special pet pampering services.

“We’ve definitely experienced an uptick in bookings for specific hotel chains that offer special pet amenities.” remarks Kim Salerno, CEO/Founder of TripsWithPets. “It’s incredible to see the love people have for their pets – so much so that they are seeking accommodations that go the extra mile to ensure their pets are happy guests.”

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Not all pet perks are created equal

Many “standard” pet perks include treats at check-in and potty areas for pets. However, the respondents in this survey were much more drawn to hotels that do not just offer the basics but other special pet services. Among them include a pet concierge that recommends local pet services and pet-friendly activities, dog walking services, pet drop-ins, pet room service menu, pet beds, and welcome gifts.

Who’s on board?

Some top hotel brands are well aware of the trending consumer behavior patterns of pet owners. They understand that one sure way to win their brand loyalty is go above and beyond for their furry family members.

Boutique hotel brands like Kimpton, Loews, and Aloft have been offering special pet perks for quite some time – and upping their game as they go. For example, Kimpton just partnered with WAG! to offer pet walking services and hotel room drop-ins. Other notable brands that provide furry guests with special perks include Canopy by Hilton, Westin, and W.

People are passionate about their pets, as evidenced by $123.6 billion spent annually on pets in the U.S. Hotels that recognize this will continue to win the hearts and bookings of pet parents near and far.

About TripsWithPets

We love our customers and we love what we do! We’ve been helping pet parents travel with their furkids for over 10 years. With over 35,000 pet-friendly accommodations across the United States and Canada, we provide pet travelers with a wide variety of pet-friendly options.

When planning a trip, pet parents go to TripsWithPets for all they need to find and book the perfect place to stay with their pet — including detailed, up-to-date information on hotel pet policies and pet amenities. Helping pet parents plan trips with their pets is what we do!

We are also passionate animal advocates. We support local and national 501(c)(3) animal welfare organizations by raising much needed funds through our annual Partners for Animal Welfare Series (PAWS).  

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