June 17, 2024


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Construction on a space hotel is expected to begin in 2025

There are many people who aspire to one day have the chance to visit space. While for years that dream has seemed like a distant reality; that opportunity may be coming sooner than most expected. It was announced recently that construction on the first ever space hotel is expected to begin in 2025, with plans to open by 2027.

Orbital Assembly Corporation recently revealed their plans to build the space resort that includes; Earth-viewing lounges, bars, a gym, cinema, and even concert venues, according to Bro Bible. “The station will be designed from the start to accommodate both national space agencies conducting low gravity research and space tourists who want to experience life on a large space station with the comfort of low gravity and the feel of a nice hotel,” the company said in a statement.

Of course, many online pointed out this is a promise that has been made for years, as some shared headlines for flying cars, and even old plans for hotels in space. Still, Orbital Assembly Corporation seems to be taking their plans seriously. Maybe this will finally be what allows us to live life like The Jetsons.