June 19, 2024


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Abandoning our citizens in India just isn’t cricket

I am so amazed by younger Tom Delaney (“Volunteer in Lucknow hotspot unfazed by journey ban”, May 5). It is awe-inspiring that he chooses to are living in tricky problems obtaining analyzed good to COVID-19 two times. Tom carries on to do the job with and for the underprivileged locals and has my regard. His relatives need to be immensely happy of him. Chris Sinclair, West Pennant Hills

Chat of war camouflages our diplomatic failures

At last, a welcome voice of purpose and typical perception enters the discussion on our marriage with China in the knowledgeable and calculated tones of David Brophy (“We need to have to speak up versus war”, May possibly 5). It is a welcome reduction from the belligerent rhetoric shipped by political leaders and some journalists in excess of the earlier months. I am 1 “everyday Australian” who is appalled by our government’s mismanagement of its partnership with its largest trading lover. I will in no way help our government drifting foolishly into a war with China as if we were being caught in the mindset of the previous century. It is time to show we have learned the lessons of Vietnam and Afghanistan and seek a superior, additional mature way of resolving disputes, differences, and conflicts in the 21st century. Brian Lewis Smith, Penrith

Brophy is correct. We have to discuss up from any speak about war with China. By now there is a large amount of nervousness inside of the Chinese-Australian local community because of to the hatred and abuse expressed toward them. Some are concerned that in these kinds of a war they would be interned like the Japanese in WWII, notwithstanding that they were born listed here. Those senior politicians should halt all the divisive rhetoric right away. Paul Lau, Dolls Point

To listen to the word “war” from ministers makes me speculate no matter if they know what they say. It usually means a new fact of demise changing what we have now. Glance all around you, at our dwelling fact of a civilised culture, at the long run of our young.
The provocations now taken as rationale for getting ready for war are nothing at all of the type. If we only had defence, overseas and prime ministers versed in the arts of diplomacy. Paolo Totaro, Lovett Bay

If we put in similarly as considerably time and cash on consciously developing artistic peace systems we may not will need to spend as a lot on destructive wars. Neville Williams, Darlinghurst

As Peter Dutton and co stir up the risk of a conflict with a considerably mightier country, will it be their sons who encounter the foe or the sons of other people (“Mission creep or just unafraid to toss shade?” May possibly 5)? Annette Johnson, Brighton-le-Sands

Any person out there like to operate a e book on how soon it will be just before our Minister of Defence begins wearing a uniform? Brian Collins, Cronulla

Sounds depressingly like the create-up to Entire world War II. A military chief states the bleeding obvious: “War with China likely”, while a crowd of appeasers answer. Unfortunately for Australia, there the parallels stop. John Flint, St Leonards

Our only hope will be that China’s army components is manufactured in China (Letters, May well 5). Dave Watts, Avalon

Fossil-fuelled vehicle price far too higher

Fantastic on you Andrew Constance for speaking sense (“Cabinet split more than electric automobile taxes”, May 5).

For those who cry “user pays” – how about “user pays” for fossil-fuelled automobiles? The combustion motor spews out a assortment of noxious gases and particulate pollution that is instantly liable for billions of pounds in wellbeing expenses for every calendar year, ranging from respiratory challenges to lung ailments and premature demise.

That cost is subsidised by all taxpayers whether or not they push a car or not, and subsidised by EV drivers who don’t pollute at all. I have still to see the IPA go on a “user pays” assault on that difficulty.

Also federal gasoline excise does not directly fund roads. It goes straight into consolidated earnings. Brendan Jones, Annandale

A single hefty truck does about the identical damage to our roadways as 10,000 autos. Does that imply that the proposed 2.5 cents for each kilometre charge for autos will be accompanied by a $250 for each kilometre charge on hefty vans? Geoff Wannan, Dawes Stage

Permit me verify if I have bought this proper. We want to put a tax on electric powered cars, but maintain having to pay subsidies to fossil gas industries? Confident, that will make a whole lot of sense. Michael Jones, Wahroonga

RIP public property

It was surprising to go through that this state nevertheless has a huge residence portfolio but not astonishing that the government is seeking private support to boost the use and advantage of these houses to the group (“Private expenditure for community land underneath govt plan”, May possibly 5) This just one-stop procuring listing, with its inevitable gains and benefits for personal firms, will finally see the retirement of the phrase “public property”. Lyn Savage, Coogee

Regulation have to be utilized similarly

It is unbelievable that Sam Burgess has escaped conviction for his newest driving offences, like driving below the impact of prescription drugs and driving with out a licence (“Burgess had string of targeted visitors offences just before cocaine fine”, May 5). Soon after just 1 DUI offence, despite owning an usually clear file, those who are not rugby stars can have their licence suspended, be requested to do neighborhood services and have an interlock device fitted to their cars and trucks. Not to point out having a felony file which will comply with them in the course of their lives. How is the justice process so inequitable? Various legal guidelines for different people today. It’s not superior more than enough. Rosemary Embery, Haberfield

How blessed is Sam Burgess that he didn’t appear from Campbelltown or Mount Druitt . Mick Simpson, Sefton

Cock-a-hoop over Cockatoo Island

How refreshing to uncover that the Sydney Harbour Trust’s designs for Cockatoo Island to come to be “a have to-see destination” are respectful, so that it will not be transformed to Galah Island (“Draft strategies to make islan a tourism must”, May well 5). Kent Mayo, Uralla

Dad and mom have to be in the area

If moms and dads had been permitted to sit in on fitness center courses and schooling classes considerably of the abuse of little ones would not have transpired (“Hold abusive coaches to account”, May 5). What mentor would carry on to shout at and belittle little ones, let alone grope them if there had been mom and dad in the place? Make it a rule that mother and father have limitless access to check out their youngsters coach. Molly King, Freshwater

Local climate of hope

The new national catastrophe recovery agency and Australian Weather Provider is a quite welcome move in the right route, just as extensive as they are not stacked with local climate transform deniers (“$600m resilience agency to aid catastrophe recovery”, May possibly 5). Margaret Grove, Abbotsford

Tremendous easy

Initially we could accessibility our superannuation to assistance us in the course of the pandemic (“Super for aged treatment deemed ‘tax by stealth”’, Could 5). Then first household consumers could access it to get established in the property marketplace. Now it is to be accessed to fork out for aged treatment. Superannuation is meant to be a way of offering people today a stable money for the duration of retirement, and to help save the government from the will need to help so several with a pension. It is not a bottomless pit of money, and the more it is accessed for alternate needs, the extra of a economical stress will be positioned on potential governments, as retirees descend into poverty. Judy Christian, Castle Hill

Roads a lifeless close

I wrestle to fully grasp why the Berejiklian govt is so obsessed with huge highway initiatives when there are several other worthier tasks that will advantage the NSW populace: hospitals and educational institutions, to title just two (Letters, Could 5). Now tunnels amongst Katoomba and Lithgow have been proposed. Why simply cannot the federal government comprehend that some of these initiatives may possibly conclusion up as monstrous white elephants? Are we to think it just doesn’t treatment? David Gordon, Cranebrook

I agree that the proposed Blue Mountains tunnel really should be a merged road and rail tunnel. This would boost each passenger and freight providers to the west, linking with the Inland Freight Line which is bit by bit remaining designed. A tunnel for highway only would be really small-sighted. Regretably, our street fixated politicians are not pointed out for their prolonged time period views. Alan Templeman, Wyoming

Pedalling fact

Necessitating cyclists to dismount and have their bikes up 55 methods to access the Harbour Bridge cycleway is like inquiring motorists to get out of their vehicles in Falcon Road and press them across the intersection to the Warringah Freeway on-ramp (Letters, Might 5). It’s ludicrous. The present arrangement and the advised raise answer run entirely counter to modern-day anticipations about optimising biking targeted traffic flows to make the bicycle a realistic transportation possibility for our city. And as for the arguments about decline of park amenity, the linear version of the proposed cycleway ramp will be elevated over the floor for most of its length so it is just not genuine to say that its design will alienate a substantial quantity of Bradfield Park from general public use. At last, any trees taken off for its design can very easily be changed. It is way in excess of time to chunk the bullet on this matter. Justin Holmwood, Asquith

Anticipative wake

There looks to be an growing tendency in loss of life notices for chances to celebrate the existence of the deceased. I’d relatively have my life celebrated though I’m nevertheless alive and my demise mourned when I’m useless (Letters, May well 5). Jillie Kelly, Hunters Hill

My only hope is that those people perusing my obituary really do not study that I have “passed”. Where by in heaven’s name did that word arrive from? Michael Walsh, Croydon

I am approaching quite aged age and continue on to study the obits. It has always been a person of life’s (or death’s) great mysteries that people today die in alphabetical get. Paul Hunt, Engadine

Not long ago I revised my will. It is fairly uncomplicated – just a dead giveaway. Peter Pitt, Potts Issue

Sad median

The improve in median household selling prices is frequently noted but a far better measurement might be ratios of earnings. When I bought my first dwelling in 1983 it charge three occasions my once-a-year income. When we moved 20 a long time afterwards it value 7 times my wage and just this weekend a modest property throughout the street bought for 17 occasions my income. How will any one be equipped to invest in a dwelling quickly? Dennis Fitzgerald, Box Hill (Vic)

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