December 8, 2022


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A good sport for vacation with the family

My favorite time of the year (and everyone’s) is fast approaching, and this time I want you to have it special. It is the vacation season again, and there is just a lot you think you should do, but with little time, and sometimes no idea what you want to do.  

Holidaying with Muay Thai 

The holiday period is a great time to fill up on your reading, traveling, hiking, visits, restaurant hunting, camping, and hundreds of other fun activities. However, there is a particular routine that contains all of these; Muay Thai. 

Just like every foreigner in Paris heads straight for the Eiffel tower, and every visitor to New York heads to the Empire State building, every visitor in Thailand must try out the amazing Muay Thai camps there. 

The Muay Thai sport in Thailand has seen massive remodeling to become one of the most fun activities for every Thai person, and foreigner. Women or children can learn Muay Thai at vacation. When you engage in Muay Thai, there are just lots of things you can do including;  

  • Enjoy the views from the beach 

One surprising thing you will discover in Thailand is that most of the Muay Thai camps are located close to therapeutic areas like the beach, clear islands, and the countrysides. Out of the “madness” in the city, you can enjoy  a quiet and reflective holiday at the beach 

  • Make lots of friends 

It is crazy in a Muay Thai camp. It is like 0one big funfair with delegates from all over the world. In your camp/lodge, you will meet people from all over the world engaged in almost all kinds of businesses. It is incredible how camps manage to bring such people together. 

  • Prices are great in Thailand 

Asides from eating fresh foods, vegetables, and healthy local cuisines, Thailand has some price-friendly cities. If you are looking for a price-friendly city to spend the holidays with family, you should look towards Muay Thai cities. Transport costs, Accommodation, feeding, and co are reduced compared to other Asian or European cities of similar quality. 

  • Fair on your weight 

Post-holiday worries can be so annoying; I have heard people say: “How can I have a holiday without worrying about my health?” This is the dream for some people. However, taking up Muay Thai training as a sport/hobby during the holiday is helpful to your health.    

Muay Thai activities also help your body burn out excess fats and calories and keep you in top shape. 

  • Muay Thai is a good sport for the family 

There are only a few sports that allow general participation, and Muay Thai is one of them. The tasks are not so dangerous even for pregnant women and kids. Therefore, Muay Thai is the top choice for many families to help them continue a sweet bond, especially during the holidays. A sport for women is Muay Thai for holiday.  

 Wrapping Up 

There are many things to do in Thailand if you are there on holiday. Some include; Muay Thai festival, sightseeing, hiking, tourism, and co. Another thing that ensures a steady stream of tourists to Muay Thai is that Thai people are very friendly, and welcoming to tourists.  

It is surely a wonderful experience for all who visit.