September 25, 2023


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5 Best Cathedrals to Visit for Stunning Photo Opportunities

Cathedrals aren’t just some of the most impressive architectural marvels of the history of religion but world-historical significance. It is not necessary to consider yourself a religious person to appreciate the importance of visiting these historical sites. Their meticulously painted frescoes and sculptured steeples recount the area’s history and provide insights into the people who live there. The architectural style of some of these structures contributed to the development of iconic styles, particularly the Gothic movement and its allied variations, and inspired some of the world’s most famous artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Pierre Charles L’Enfant.

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We’ve searched worldwide for the most beautiful cathedrals, from Mexico City to Moscow, and found many lesser-known and famous architectural marvels. From the towering buttresses of the best cathedrals of Paris to the cathedral domes of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Kyiv, The beautiful cathedrals from all over the world are sure to make you think twice every time you cross the pond or the across the country.

The Cathedral of Brasilia in Brazil 

A genuinely distinctive cathedral in the world, the Cathedral of Brasilia is a representation of a hyperbolic crown located in Brasilia’s Monumental Axis. Famous Brazilian designer Oscar Niemeyer worked closely with urban planner Lucio Costa to create the 16 columns that look like boomerangs to turn towards the sky in the act of communicating. The stunning stained glass work of Brazilian artist Marianne Peretti adds subtle color to the cathedral while also allowing natural light to flood the church.

Andrew’s Cathedral in Singapore 

Situated in Singapore’s business area, St. Andrew’s Cathedral is a peaceful escape from the surrounding bustling city. The stunning Anglican cathedral was constructed in the Neo-Gothic style and had stunning stained-glass windows grace the apse. The striking white finish is believed to have been derived from Madras chunam, the plaster made from egg whites, lime shells, and sugar. But preservationists are beginning to doubt whether the work was employed in the cathedral, as they do not locate any evidence of it within the cathedral walls.

Acropolis in Carthage within Carthage, Tunisia

The Acropolis in Carthage could be considered an undiscovered gem from the Colonial period; however, its significance as a social and cultural monument is even more evident today. Hussein Bey II granted permission to France to construct the cathedral on the top of Byrsa Hill in 1830; however, it was not until 1880 that construction began on the Byzantine and Gothic-style church was not completed until the latter part of 1880. The cathedral is not utilized as a church. Instead, it’s a cultural place where Tunisians can attend live music shows.

Basilica del Voto Nacional in Quito, Ecuador 

It took more than 30 years and the visits of two popes before the dream of a large basilica in the middle of Quito, Ecuador to come into existence. The largest Neo-Gothic church in South America boasts an exciting series of gargoyles that resemble creatures native to Ecuador, including tortoises and Iguanas. Although the Voto Nacional Basilica was officially dedicated in 1988, it was never completed. According to local legend, the world would end immediately if the basilica ever is completed.

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Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi in Tbilisi, Georgia

The Holy Trinity Cathedral, commonly called Tsminda Sameba, sits high on St. Elijah hill as an emblem of Georgian quality and craftsmanship. The completed structure was built in 2004. stone and concrete structure towers and arches were visible from every corner of Atlanta. Inside, the intricately ornamented miniatures, mosaics, and mosaics portray iconic images of Georgian culture and religion.


It is not necessary to consider oneself a spiritual person to appreciate the importance of visiting these historical sites. The meticulously painted frescoes and carvings on steeples tell the story of the site and offer an insight into the community it is. The design of these churches has influenced the rise of the famous movement, particularly the Gothic movement and its allied variations, and also served as the inspiration for some of the world’s most famous artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Pierre Charles L’Enfant.

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