November 28, 2022


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WWE Cancelled Travel For Sasha Banks & Naomi Shortly After Suspension

Naomi and Sasha Banks are now suspended, and as of now there’s no end in sight.

We are informed by those in WWE that they have not listened to of significantly, if any, conversation between the two sides. Nevertheless, Fightful was able to confirm that WWE had canceled approaching vacation strategies they had for both ladies starting off past week when the suspension occurred.

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Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer noted that the suspension was without having pay. We’ve not been able to validate that, but just one increased up told Fightful they never imagine Naomi and Sasha Banks’ contracts would be frozen if they are not staying paid. We’ll endeavor to get a affirmation on that.

An additional resource indicated to Fightful that originally, several in WWE didn’t want to vacate the WWE Women’s Tag Crew Titles, but it became apparent pretty swiftly that was the route that wanted to be taken. We have read no update on when a likely tournament could take location.

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