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A lot of travel nurse agencies are offering travel nursing jobs in Oklahoma to all nurses who want to make work and travel happen. Being a travel nurse can give opportunities to nurses to practice their profession in different places as well as explore the places of their destinations. If you are a nurse who loves adventure then Oklahoma is a nice place to go to. Outdoors activities are popular in Oklahoma including hiking, spelunking, biking, rock climbing and many more. Having the adventure of your life and being able to work is a unique experience you can only do when you get a travel nursing job in Oklahoma.


Things That You Should Know  Why You Need to Grab a Travel Nursing Job in Oklahoma 

Great Pay

Get paid with $39 per hour or more when you become a travel nurse in Oklahoma. The highest paying travel nursing jobs in Oklahoma are travel nurses who work in ICU or surgery departments. Having specialization can give you the chance to earn more. The more skilled you are, the higher hourly rate you can get. The rate of travel nurses is higher compared with regular nurses.

Housing Is Free

When travel nurses get their assignments the place they will be staying is already prepared ahead.  Being a travel nurse is an exhausting job that’s why having a place to rest is important. Getting enough rest can make their nurses more efficient in their work that’s why they provide a comfortable place to stay. However, if the travel nurse decides to get her own place a housing stipend is given to assist her on her rentals. Nomad travel nursing in Oklahoma is common, that’s why housing is commonly built for this purpose.

Insurances are Provided

Life and health insurance is relevant when you are a health worker whether you are a travel worker or not. Travel nurses need to travel a lot plus knowing that their jobs are more prone to getting exposed to diseases, insurances can then help them when unexpected situations occur. Getting secured is better than not having insurances to assist them financially as well as make them worry less. Insurance has been of big help to workers whose lives are at risk due to their nature of work.

Job Security

Travel nurse’s assignments may last for 8 weeks or more but the good thing about it, is that each assignment comes the next. Travel nurse agencies make sure that their travel nurses can get an assignment all year   they won’t be left hanging without a job.  Job security won’t be an issue for travel nurses; each assignment only lasts for several weeks or months.


Types of Travel Nurses

Traveling CNA Jobs

Certified Nursing assistants can work as a travel nurse, they are assigned to home health facilities to watch out for patients who need care, and they are supervised by nurses. They visit homes and report health monitoring to health facilities. Salary ranges for travel CNA jobs in Oklahoma from $13 to $15 per hour.

Travel LPN Jobs

Licensed Practical Nurses act as assistant to Registered nurses and physicians.  Travel LPN can earn an average salary of $64,676 a year, and they get all the benefits travel nurses get.

Crisis Nursing Jobs

Travel crisis nursing jobs are given to nurses who are assigned to departments that are under emergencies or departments where patients need closed monitoring like ICU for instance.  The salary ranges from $24 to $38 per hour plus higher overtime pay since they are required to work long hours to   their patients’ demands.


There are a lot of jobs opening for travel nursing jobs in Oklahoma, if you are a nurse you have a lot of options to choose from. Contact your travel nurse agencies, and they will gladly assist you from application until you get your first destination. With all the  benefits you can rip it will be enough to motivate you to start your journey as a travel nurse. You can level up your career and at the same time grow as an individual by exploring new cultures and new places. Start your journey now by being a travel nurse in Oklahoma.