July 14, 2024


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14 Unique Date Ideas In and Around Denver

Nothing says love like dinner and a movie, a couple’s massage or a picnic in the park. But it’s 2021 and who needs a bouquet of flowers when you live in a city like Denver? For many of us, “adapting to new norms” could easily be a new skillset on our resumé. So let’s face it, typical dating ideas are cool but maybe it’s time to spice things up. From simple acts of kindness to getting-into-character – Denver is home to some really unique dating ideas that we think you’ll fall in love with.

Sign Up for a Virtual Wine and Chocolate Pairing

Photo Courtesy of the Chocolate Therapist on Facebook

The Lowdown: A box of chocolates is so cliché, which is why a chocolate and wine pairing makes our list. Are you more of a creamy caramel filled chocolate and a buttery chardonnay? Or sexy, dark chocolate paired with a robust Malbec? You can now find out with The Chocolate Therapist by signing up for one of its virtual chocolate and wine classes.

Do a Denver Mural Photo Shoot

Mural by Pat Milbery and Detour. Photo by Peter Kowalchuk

The Lowdown: Treat your significant other to an artsy scavenger hunt. Throughout the city, you’ll find an array of vibrant murals painted by local artists just waiting to be the backdrop of your next Instagram post. Lucky for us – MASA has a comprehensive guide and map to these hidden gems. With the right amount of light and the perfect angle, you and your lover are sure to break hearts and beat the algorithm.

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Take a Cannabis Cooking Class

The Lowdown: Cooking a fancy meal isn’t always about the perfect cut steak followed by a decadent dessert. In Colorado, there’s always room for some extra greens on your plate. Colorado Cannabis Tours (CCT) offers a variety of cannabis-themed classes – even the cast of Southern Charm, Buzzfeed and Randi Kaye from CNN have something positive to say about. From vegan options to hash extracts – your next meal is bound to be the “high” light of your date night.

Try Yoga on Tap

Photo Courtesy of New Terrain Brewing Company on Facebook

The Lowdown: It’s Friday morning and you’re finishing up a relaxing yoga class. If only your yoga instructor would call out, “glass of cold beer” instead of Savasana – although both sounds great after multiple variations of warrior pose. It turns out New Terrain Brewing Co. is already one pint ahead. For $18 you can now start your day on a health and wellness-style date and finish it with a beer with Yoga on Tap.

Get Into Character at The Stanley Hotel

Photo Courtesy of The Stanley Hotel on Facebook

The Lowdown: Known for the 80’s psychological thriller – The ShiningThe Stanley Hotel in Estes Park offers a freaky alternative to date night. While you’re there – enjoy the spa, take a spirited tour and visit Rocky Mountain National Park. You can even watch the iconic film during your stay – that is, if you can handle it. For those who call Colorado home – The Stanley offers a 10% discount to your stay with a valid Colorado ID.

Spend the Day Volunteering

Volunteers work to paint some railings as part of their restoration weekend at the popular Hanging Lake Trail. Photo Courtesy of Kelly Flowers

The Lowdown: Acts of kindness go a long way – even the small ones. While Denver is an amazing city to be in – there are a lot of ways it could be better. From combating climate change to helping those who are experiencing homelessness – spending the day helping out the community is as selfless as it gets. For more information on how to show your love for Denver by volunteering – go here.

Attend a Virtual Film Festival

The Lowdown: This one is for all you film buffs out there who can’t wait to see the next award-winning indie film to make the screen. In Colorado – film festivals are prevalent – even during a pandemic. So, if you’re interested in the environment – the Colorado Environmental Film Festival might be the perfect event for you. Or maybe you’re a cyclist and an inspiring list of documentaries and films featuring bikes around the world is your cup of tea. Either way – take a break from your Netflix cue and tune in to a night of art and culture.

Take a Day Trip to the Highest U.S. City

The Tarryall-Cline Ranch. Photo courtesy of the South Park National Heritage Area

The Lowdown: You might not have known that the “highest-incorporated” city in the U.S. is right here in Colorado. Not too far from Leadville and FairPlay – is Alma, Colorado. Home to three 14,000 foot peaks and with an elevation of 10,578 – it’s no mystery as to why this town’s name means “soul.” While you’re there – explore old mines, hear a ghost story and visit The Real South Park.

Go for a Hike

Winter landscape of the Flatirons at sunrise, Rocky Mountains, Boulder. (via thinkstock)

The Lowdown: It wouldn’t be a date in Colorado if the outdoors weren’t involved. Plus – there’s nothing quite like bonding while immersed in nature. Explore some of Colorado’s most beautiful hikes just west of the city or pack your bags for a Rocky Mountain weekend adventure. Here are some of the best hikes in Colorado according to us.

Rent a Luxury Car for the Day

Photo Courtesy of Tesla

The Lowdown: Renting a luxury car is the new speed-dating. Well, at least it could be. With a selection of convertible Corvettes and sleek, all-electric Teslas – there’s bound to be a ride to impress your significant other with. Companies like Turo offer daily rentals ranging anywhere from $30 to $1,000. Whether you’re in the mood to take the scenic route or to plan a romantic drive-in experience – leave your day-to-day commuter parked and opt for something exciting.

Make a Wooden Ring

Photo Courtesy of I Made It wood shop on Facebook

The Lowdown: Sometimes simple is better – especially when it’s handmade. At I Made It woodshop in Denver – you can make a ring from wood that’s harvested locally. Making it special for more than one reason. You can do the class together or surprise him/her with a timeless gift. And if you’ve already popped the question – I Made It also offers other project classes like charcuterie boards and coffee tables.

Treat Yourself to a Girl’s Night Out

The Lowdown: There’s something to love about comedy and laughter has even been known to produce endorphins. On February 13, at 6:30 p.m. – Dry Dock Brewing is hosting a Galentine’s Day Comedy Night. The show includes comedians from Comedy Works as well as improv. The best part? The entire line-up is girls only. For a table for two it’s $25 which also includes two drink vouchers. Make it a girl group night and reserve a table for four ($50) – which also comes with four drink vouchers.

Dine Out in an Igloo

Photo Courtesy of Ace Eat Serve

The Lowdown: When winter approached this year in addition to a pandemic – Denver restaurants knew they’d need to improvise. While igloo dining exists to ensure social distancing is in place – there are a few neat perks to the experience. For one, it’s intimate – making it the perfect date night dining option for those looking for some privacy. And two, it’s completely unique to any other dining experience. So, we put together a list of restaurants we think will make for a memorable, palate-pleasing date night.

Visit a Colorado State Park

The Lowdown: Getting outdoors is a no-brainer in Colorado. It’s beautiful, affordable, socially-distant and provides a variety of health benefits you’re not going to find while sitting at home. Escape Denver for the day to visit one of Colorado’s 42 State Parks such as Golden Gate Canyon or Cheyenne Mountain. From hiking and ice fishing to camping and rock climbing – there’s something to do for even the pickiest of couples.